Parlour is a co-conceived, co-choreographed, co-designed, co-performed CoCo project. CoCo isn’t exactly sure what Parlour is. And if you ask, the answer will always be different. We can co-confirm that the definition of Parlour is a room for receiving and entertaining visitors. So we co-invite you to an evening of frivolous, sincere, beautiful, grotesque, literal and metaphorical dance theatre.

Who are CoCo? Alice Hinde and Kate Harman

What are they doing? Currently entering there final week as Artists in Residence at Theater Freiburg’s Finkenschlag in Freiburg Germany. You can come see a work-in-progress showing on the 14 December at 7Pm or 15 December at 8pm.

What are they doing next? They are headed back to their Australian home land and in February take up residence at Dance North to continue researching for Parlour.  More information to come concerning our showing in Townsville.


If your German is up to scratch or you are good at deciphering Google translate check out our interview on the Theater Frieburg blog to find out more about Parlour and what we are getting up to in the space.